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Episode 242 – Harry Potter: The Diamond in the Rough

We’re finally discussing the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, Undesirable No. 1, and Master of Death himself: Harry Potter! Join hosts Katy and Michael, along with guest Kulsoom and Tony-Award winning Broadway star and Potter super fan, James M. Iglehart, as they dive deep into the hero of the Harry Potter series.

On Episode 242 we discuss…

→ A role model for teenage activism
→ Why is Harry so determined to be a “good guy?”
→ Harry, listen to Michelle Obama
→ Why does he insist on going it alone?
→ Harry is Batman… and Luke Skywalker
→ Why should he NOT be angsty?
→ No, Harry is not his Horcrux… or a Cylon
→ A sensitive male protagonist? Wicked!
→ Why isn’t Harry a favorite character?
→ Daniel Radcliffe, we love you!
→ Harry is brown AF
→ Cursed Child Harry… WTF?

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