Chapter Revisit,  Goblet of Fire

Episode 282 – GoF, 34 Revisit: The Bar Mitzvah Chapter

We’re diving into the strange phenomenon on Priori Incantatem with this fast-paced chapter. Harry holds his own in a battle against Voldemort, sees his parents again (possibly in the wrong order depending on your edition of the book), and brings Cedric’s body back to Hogwarts. Join hosts Alison, Beth, and Irvin with guest Mike Schubert, as they discuss Chapter 34 of Goblet of Fire, “Prior Incantatem”

On Episode 282 we discuss…

→ Tom Riddle the pun master
→ Harry doubts expelliarmus for the first and last time
→ Harry’s journey with unforgivable curses
→ Voldemort’s psychological torture backfires
→ Mechanics of fighting the imperius curse
→ Harry’s quidditch training is very applicable
→ All Voldemort talks about is killing Harry
→ Does it hurt to die?
→ Lots of ring composition
→ More than one mistake in this chapter?
→ Not a single complete sentence in OotP
→ THE mistake
→ Bring my body back…if convenient

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