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Episode 240 – Ronald Weasley: The Fwoopers and the Billywigs Talk

No one voted for him, but we’re talking about him anyway! In the second installment of our “Trio Discussion,” we discuss everyone’s favorite friend, ginger, and chess master, Ronald Bilius Weasley. Join hosts Kat, Beth, and Alison with guest Catherine as they explore the best and worst of Harry Potter’s loyal best friend.

On Episode 240 we discuss…

→ Jack Russel terriers should be renamed Ron terriers
→ Could Ron ever turn to the dark arts?
→ Ron’s wands reveal a lot about him
→ Is Ron mean?
→ Pottle
→ The “fwoopers and the billywigs” talk
→ Ron = Nessie
→ Nose picking on endless repeat
→ Newsflash: Ron is hilarious
→ Ron is a voracious eater
→ Is Ron Aragorn or Gimli?

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