Chapter Revisit,  Half-Blood Prince

Episode 239 – HBP, 10 Revisit: The Crimes of Merope

Harry’s becoming curious about the Half-Blood Prince’s identity (more so than we are), but it’s time for his first lesson with Dumbledore. The topic? How Tom Riddle’s past would become Voldemort’s future. To find the answer, follow Eric, Katy, Michael and returning guest host, Alex, into the Pensieve and through the door of “The House of Gaunt,” Chapter 10 of Half-Blood Prince.

On Episode 239 we discuss…

→ Hermione’s got nothing
→ Who’s the Half-Blood Prince? Who cares?
→ Dumbledore’s secret Maxima Spell
→ The ghost pigeons of Hangleton
→ The Gaunts are NASTY!
→ Slytherin Monkeys
→ “Can I borrow your Deathly Hallow?”
→ Merope the Grey Lady
→ Tom Riddle, Sr. can’t even
→ Wuv…twue wuv?
→ Don’t forget Bob Ogden

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