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Episode 292 – DADA Professors: It’s a Listener Takeover!

There would be two leap years during Harry Potter’s time at Hogwarts, but weirdly they are never mentioned. Perhaps other characters had adventures on a leap day instead? On this special bonus episode of Alohomora! our listeners are taking over the airwaves. Join some familiar voices as they discuss Harry’s many Defense Against the Dark Arts professors.

On Episode 292 we discuss…

→ Was Quirrell a victim of toxic masculinity?
→ You had me at hello
→ Lockhart is amazing at alliteration
→ “There is plenty to be learned even from a bad teacher…”
→ Lupin is Elsa…conceal, don’t feel
→ Harry’s first sane DADA teacher!
→ Did Barty Crouch Jr. enjoy teaching?
→ Good teacher, good actor, good plot twist, terrible human being
→ Parallels between Umbridge and Hermione??
→ Gendered hatred or incredible hypocrisy?
→ Is Snape less vindictive as a DADA teacher?
→ Screw entitled incel Snape

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