Alohomora! Is Now on Patreon!

We are very happy to announce the launch of our Patreon page!

Over the last three and a half years we have been undertaking a global re-read of the Harry Potter novels. Chapter by chapter, we have asked our amazing fans to share their ideas and enthusiasm for the Potterverse and have been stunned by the awe inspiring response from all around the world. Now with the final chapters of book seven fast approaching, we need your support to fund our hosting service and continue bringing this weekly book club to our listeners ears. Alohomora! has always been a free podcast and that will remain true right up to the very last page and beyond, but any support our audience provides to help us produce the show is greatly appreciated.

Over the years we have explored a few different ideas to support the production of the show, such as advertising and merchandise, but each of these ideas have downsides for us as a global podcast. Advertising is hard to control and often feels clunky, especially when we are encouraged to include it within our show, whilst merchandise can be expensive to create and difficult to ship around the world to our fans. As such, we feel Patreon is a clear, fair and easy method of communicating with you all as our audience and offering a clear space to support the show if you are willing and able.

What is Patreon? Check out this video to explain how it works:

With Patreon, you can become a patron of Alohomora! pledging as little or as much as you’d like to help us crowd-fund the show. To say thank you, we’ve created 5 levels of funding rewards from a spot on our sponsorship wall to shout outs and exclusive chats with the Alohomora! hosts.

And as a special launch day Thank You, our very own Michael Harle has recorded an exclusive reading of The Tale of the Three Brothers for Alohomora! patrons so pledge your support now to unlock this beautiful story!

Thank you all so much for your support over the past three and a half years! We can’t wait to continue this journey with you all and fully explore the Potterverse, especially in a year where the borders of the world continue to expand into new dimensions.

You can find our Patreon page here at