Chapter Revisit,  Half-Blood Prince

Episode 373 – HBP Chapter 24: Sectumsempra: Who’s Rachel?

We know it will be a fun episode when Rex defends Harry. Join Asher, Geoff, Rex and guest Margarete as they discuss Chapter 24 of Half-Blood Prince.

On Episode 373 we discuss…

→ Bloody Harry
→ Is Rex Lea Michele?
→ Casual Tuesday at Hogwarts
→ Matchmaking Hermione
→ Dating your friend’s sibling
→ Katie had one job
→ Ghosts & mortal relationships
→ Dangerous overconfidence
→ Snape’s Google alerts
→ Love a good bathroom cry
→ Harry’s disappointing lack of sympathy for Myrtle
→ Shocking! Rex defends Harry

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