Chapter Revisit,  Deathly Hallows

Episode 377 – DH Chapter 2, In Memoriam: Harry Was Bleeding

We marvel on how much Harry’s grown up, wonder what evil Dumbledore would look like and so much more. Join hosts Alison, Geoff, Shamanee and guest Tisha, as they discuss chapter 2 of Deathly Hallows.

On Episode 377 we discuss…

→ “Indoor plumbing, it’s going to be big”
→ When spells wear off
→ Kids jumping off random thing because they learn spells too soon
→ Harry’s trunk of death
→ The Dumble Detractors
→ Barty Crouch, Jr. is a better student than Dumbledore
→ Harry is made up of emotions and strategy
→ Shamanee’s Exhibit A
→ Dumbledore relates to Encanto
→ “Oh, hello”
→ Life finds a way, even in death
→ New mirror, who ‘dis?

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