Chapter Revisit,  Goblet of Fire

Episode 376 – GOF Chapter 31, The Third Task: Directionally Empathetic

The delightfully jam packed thirty first chapter of Goblet of Fire has so much in it that hosts Asher, Bianca, Patrick and guest Kate can barely contain themselves.Join them as they discuss The Third Task.

On Episode 376 we discuss…

→ Debate on if Harry is empathetic or sympathetic
→ Trio training
→ McGonagall turning into a cat all over the place
→ Profound before bed thoughts
→ Mr. & Mrs. Whatsherface visit Mr. & Mrs. Whatshisface
→ Amos Diggory is a Dance Mom
→ The paintings: Is it alive? (TM, Noah)
→ Would anything make the Dursleys come visit Harry at Hogwarts?
→ When Harry actually became family to Molly
→ Bugs in Hermione’s hair
→ What can you actually see of the maze

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