Chamber of Secrets,  Chapter Revisit

Episode 372 – COS Chapter 6: Gilderoy Lockhart: Former Beetle, Current Button

Me, me, me. This episode is all about Gilderoy Lockhart and the chapter of Chamber of Secrets that is his namesake. Join hosts Geoff, Grace, Kat and guest Josh as they discuss chapter six of Chamber.

On Episode 372 we discuss…

→ Molly, the spicy Gryffindor
→ Oh, my wizard god
→ What Neville’s grandmother yells at him
→ Kardashians as Lockhart – is Gilderoy or Harry more famous
→ Are we a shark podcast?
→ Grace’s husband, Tim Curry, or Lockhart – you decide.
→ The more last names you have the richer you are
→ Mummies or Walt Disney
→ Colin’s friend crush
→ Narcissism theory
→ Grace & Kat (and Alison) wrote a book!

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