Chapter Revisit,  Prisoner of Azkaban

Episode 320 – PoA, 16 Revisit: None of the Good Phillias

Prepare to practice your Cheering Charms with hosts Irvin, Katy, Sam and guest Geoff as we discuss exams, Buckbeak’s appeal, wonderful and terrible teachers, predictions/prophecies, humidifier humans, and the thud of an axe in Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 16, “Professor Trelawney’s Prediction.”

On Episode 320 we discuss…

→ Descriptive dialogue and how to write it
→ Exam study stress is REAL
→ Is the Hogwarts’ school calendar indicative of the UK’s schedule?
→ #FantasticBeastsRightToLive
→ Are the tortoises alive?? The Rock Kittens return!
→ Katy, say no to drugs! Can Cheering Charms be as addictive/harmful as Felix Felicis?
→ Humidifier humans are so hot
→ The worst test by the worst teacher (but, it’s not his fault!)
→ Snape, the potion fumes addict
→ The DADA test is obviously the coolest – can this be a ride?
→ Trelawney definitely has a brand… but perhaps is not a terrible teacher!
→ Predictions, prophecies, and how they work

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