Topic Discussion

Episode 319 – Dark Arts & Beasts: Justice for Basilisks!

We hope you’re not afraid of the dark because this episode is chock full of it! Dark spells, dark potions, dark objects, dark beasts, and dark wizards are all on the table for this discussion with an all-host cast featuring Aurelia, Grace, Irvin, and Rex.

On Episode 319 we discuss…

→ Does Dark Magic only depend on the intent of the witch or wizard using it?
→ Dark Magic is magic for which there is no good use
→ All dark magic are curses, but not all curses are dark magic
→ Knockturn Alley… the black market that everyone knows about
→ Snakes are given a bad rep
→ “Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”
→ Love potion isn’t dark, Hermione? Disagree!
→ Which horcrux is your favorite?
→ Severus created a “severing” spell… ba-dum ching!
→ Herpo and his brood of Basilisks
→ Dreamer, planner, critic trios are super fun to create
→ History of Dark Wizards and their enablers

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