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Episode 321 – Horace Slughorn: Chugging a Gallon of Golden Potion

This is your invitation to the Slug Club with hosts Aurelia, Grace, Tracy, and returning guest Taavi. We have memories and Horcruxes, Felix Felicis, acceptance of muggleborns, the Sacred 28, Slytherins, and networking on the menu.

On Episode 321 we discuss…

→ Our podcast is old enough to have a drinking game
→ Slughorn wins the name game: Horace Eugene Flaccus Slughorn
→ Aurelia is the author of the Harry Potter books now
→ Armando Dippet is how old?! Aging in the wizarding world is confusing
→ We love old Pottermore
→ Is Slughorn the master networker? Hogwarts should have a careers day!
→ Felix Felicis fan theory: Did Slughorn take it before fighting Voldemort?
→ Slughorn is an excellent example for ambitious Slytherins
→ Wealthy Roman in a wealthy Roman resort town (say that three times fast)
→ Dumbledore was fortunate enough to see the true Tom but too distracted to do something about him
→ Ernie MacMillan is basically young Slughorn
→ Slughorn really only has one move: turning into an armchair
→ What is Slughorn’s finest moment?

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