Chapter Revisit,  Half-Blood Prince

Episode 318 – HBP, 26 Revisit: The Dueling Aesthetics of Dumbledore and Voldemort

It’s boy band time – a first here at Alohomora! What happens when you get Irvin, Rex, Sam and guest Adam together to creep into Half-Blood Prince Chapter 26, “The Cave?” Epic conversation and only one fart joke.

On Episode 318 we discuss…

→ First all-male episode?!?
→ The chapter that inspired the book’s cover art
→ Young Tom Riddle was incredibly focused and powerful
→ Everyone agrees… Half-Blood Prince is THE BEST
→ Has Dumbledore been to the cave before?
→ Quality quotes comin’ at ya!
→ “Really? You’re one of the most powerful wizards of all time and you went with a blood door?”
→ The cave = the next great theme park ride
→ If Dumbledore had lived, would he have gotten rid of the horcruxes on his own?
→ The trio could never have found/retrieved this horcrux… game over
→ Is the lake water normal water?
→ Signature spells – which is cooler, Accio or Fire Lasso?

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