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Episode 313 – Memories and the Pensieve: Drowning in French

Do wizarding brains differ from Muggle brains? What are the ins and outs of memories? Why are wizards scared of Pensieves? Join hosts Aurelia, Rex, Sam and guest Taavi as they tackle these questions and so much more!

On Episode 313 we discuss…

→ Where did the brains in the Brain Room come from?
→ We hope there are individual education plans for struggling students
→ Rex schools us on memory types, formation, storage, retrieval, etc
→ Memory loss, brain injuries, and diseases
→ Are the disembodied brains conscious?
→ Most wizards are too afraid to use a Pensieve
→ The Hogwarts Pensieve contains centuries of memories!
→ Are extracted memories originals, copies, or can they be either?
→ Pensieves are cool. Let’s capitalize on them!
→ Memory modification is unethical but necessary
→ Wizards seriously need primary education
→ Occlumency should be taught to all students

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