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Episode 307 – The Department of Mysteries: Unspeakably Vague

It’s time to discuss the most mysterious of all ministry departments! What do we know? What do we suspect? Which questions still keep us up at night? Find out all of this and more as hosts Aurelia, Irvin, Tracy and guest Julianna open the door to the Department of Mysteries.

On Episode 307 we discuss…

→ Hagrid definitely couldn’t work there
→ Whose brains do they have in the Brain Room??
→ “Thoughts could leave deeper scars than almost anything else”
→ The Death Chamber – the room we know the most and least about
→ Are there multiple death veils?
→ “[Myrtle is] living her best death”
→ Would the veil destroy a horcrux?
→ The Hall of Prophecies – there’s going to be loads of fog tonight
→ How convenient that the fountain of perfect love potion is so close to the veil?
→ The Planet Room… Wizard NASA?
→ The Time Room… bye-bye Time-Turners!
→ Is this dept. independent from the rest of the wizarding government?

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