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Episode 299 – Peter Pettigrew: He’s Just Scum

Sometimes, it’s fun to save the worst for last. To wrap up our episodes on each of the four Marauders, Alison, Grace, Irvin, and guest host Helene scrape the bottom of the barrel to discuss the disgusting Peter Pettigrew.

On Episode 299 we discuss…

→ “We don’t know jack about this boy”
→ Why did we not get a backstory on this critical character?
→ The weakest link
→ How much magical talent did Peter have?
→ “If there is a way to survive, he will find it”
→ Adaptable, resourceful, and competent?
→ Is Peter the best evidence that we sort too soon?
→ Why did Peter choose Percy to be his human?
→ The silver hand: a gift and a burden
→ Forever “Wormtail” after his first betrayal
→ Peter and Snape – the worst roommates EVER
→ Mercy is better than revenge

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