The Durmstrang Boys
Chapter Revisit,  Goblet of Fire

Episode 296 – GoF, 15 Revisit: Hogwarts Asylum

Harry regrets telling Sirius about his scar hurting, FakeMoody teaches the class how to fend off the Imperius Curse, and the students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang arrive in style! Join hosts Grace and Irvin along with guest host Ashley as they dive into Chapter 15 of Goblet of Fire, “Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.”

On Episode 296 we discuss…

→ GoF – the one time we see Sirius as a good father figure
→ Why does FakeMoody teach students to throw off the Imperius Curse?
→ What DID Moody do to the witch who shouted, “Boo!” behind him on April Fool’s Day?
→ “Hagrid is the actual worst.”
→ Goblin rebellions sound fascinating!
→ *cough*Lockhart*cough*
→ “Fanfiction – the gift that keeps on giving.”
→ House Elves = Brownies or Robots?
→ Beauxbatons and Durmstrange entrances – #impressed

MuggleNet arrticles Irvin mentioned in this episode:
Hermione and the Imperius Curse in Order of the Phoenix
Why House-Elves Are Not a Metaphor for Transatlantic Slavery
Here We Go Again For the First Time: The Underground Lake and the MoM

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