The Daily Prophet Headline, "The Boy Who Lies"
Topic Discussion

Episode 293 – Politics, Propaganda, and Publications: The Height of Corruption

What’s just as bad as Muggle politics, but much easier to talk about? Wizarding politics! Because at least they’re fictional! Or are they? Join hosts Alison, Irvin, and Rosie along with special guest Adri from Accio Politics as they discuss politics, propaganda, and publications – the ways in which they work and the areas where they fall short.

On Episode 293 we discuss…

→ The political structure of the wizarding world
→ Do wizards see the Queen as the Head of State?
→ Is there magic within the monarchy and Parliament?
→ Rosie has become the official wizarding world archivist
→ The hierarchy of departments within the Ministry of Magic
→ Arthur Weasley – a lovable example of benign corruption?
→ How does British politics work, anyway? And, do wizards care?
→ Political influencers – from the Malfoys to Harry Potter
→ Irvin and Alison agree on something! Fudge sucks!
→ The corruption of the Daily Prophet is becoming far too real
→ Potterwatch = pirate radio
→ Be careful what you’re reading, do your research, don’t trust headlines

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