Chapter Revisit,  Philosopher's Stone

Episode 280 – PS/SS, 9 Revisit: Talk to the (Broken) Hand

We’re going way back to the beginning and settling in to life at Hogwarts as Harry and the first year Gryffindors have their first flying lesson with the Slytherins and somehow find themselves in a forbidden corridor past midnight. Join hosts Katy, Irvin and Rosie, with guest Ashleigh, as they take to the skies and discuss Chapter 9 of Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone, “The Midnight Duel.”

On Episode 280 we discuss…

→ Dudley vs. Draco – who’s worse?
→ Eleven-year-olds flying – no parental approval required
→ Rememberalls must have some useful purpose…that we never learn
→ Is Madam Hooch a metamorphmagus?
→ Did Neville fall off his broom on purpose?
→ Go Parvati! You tell him!
→ McGonagall, the queen of hyperbole
→ Filch and Petunia would get along GREAT
→ Gryffindor hasn’t won since when now?
→ “Can’t a person eat in peace in this place?” No.
→ Why doesn’t anyone befriend the Fat Lady?
→ Madam Pomfrey, healing more than just broken bones

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