Chamber of Secrets,  Chapter Revisit

Episode 267 – CoS, 1 Revisit: Tennis Ball Eyes

Harry’s second year is not off to a good start. He hasn’t received any letters from his friends. The Dursleys are managing to treat him as both a threat and a non-entity at the same time, and Harry has to spend his birthday doing chores and pretending he doesn’t exist. Join hosts Alison, Beth, and Katy, along with special guest Eric Scull, as they continue our seven-part anniversary discussion with Chapter 1 of Chamber of Secrets, “The Worst Birthday.”

On Episode 267 we discuss…

→ Is this actually Harry’s worst birthday?
→ Cinnamon roll Harry
→ Hedwig vs. Dobby – who would win in a fight?
→ Book one skippers unite!
→ Our first glance at physical abuse from the Dursleys
→ Sassy Harry…how we love thee
→ Did the Dursleys acknowledge Harry’s early birthdays?
→ What homework could Harry have actually done?
→ First glance into Harry’s PTSD and horcrux dreams
→ Ring composition time! Slide link
→ Why does Dobby pick this day to show himself?
→ Underestimating House Elves 101

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