Chapter Revisit,  Philosopher's Stone

Episode 247 – PS/SS, 16 Revisit: Traps Everywhere!

What is black, white, and read all over? Does anyone really know? Thankfully, riddles such as that one are the focus of this week’s episode as hosts Kat, Alison, and Michael, along with guests Emily and Faith delve deep into Chapter 16 of Philosopher’s / Sorcerer’s Stone, “Through the Trapdoor.”

Do you know any good Harry Potter riddles? Leave them below in the comments for us and others to try and solve! Hopefully they’re better than our (lame) attempt…

On Episode 247 we discuss…

→ JKR told us Harry would live, it’s okay
→ Wizard cards answer exam questions!
→ The things the trees have seen
→ “…after they kill Neville…”
→ Can ghosts become invisible?
→ Fluffy went to the Forest… or back to Greece?
→ Muggle medicinal uses for Devil’s Snare vs. wizard death plant
→ Where is the Stone from July to December??
→ Absurdly easy keys
→ Chess symbolism on point
→ Troll wrangling suspicions
→ One potions riddle, many versions

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