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Episode 224 – The Great Snape Debate: Dangerously Interesting

The most debated character in the Harry Potter series continues to incite controversy, even 20 years after his first appearance and 10 years after his death on the page. Join Katy and Michael, along with long-time Alohomora! listeners David (daveybjones999) and Jessica (MoodyHorcrux) as they reopen the Dumbledore on the “always” intriguing Potions Master, Severus Snape.

On episode 224 we discuss…

→ How do you feel about Severus Snape?
→ Rowling’s post-Potter thoughts on Snape
→ “Sectumsempra’s not a nice spell.”
→ The enigmatic Eileen Prince
→ Snape’s sorting
→ Loving and listening to Lily
→ Dumbledore’s Potions Poking Stick
→ “By the way, I’ve loved your mother forever.”
→ How Snape changed and how we change
→ Alan Rickman’s tight grip
→ Even in Cursed Child, Snape just can’t win
Join us in Diagon Alley on September 1st!

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Not everyone loves CAPSLOCK HARRY
→ Is the worst character… Arthur Weasley?
→ What makes Grimmauld Place so great?