Alohomora! is now on Spreaker

The time has come, folks. After over nine years of hosting Alohomora! on LibSyn, the show has moved platforms. We are now hosted by Spreaker, and couldn’t be more excited. This is the first major change to the running of the show we have made in many, many years and the first of many more to come. There is one major change that comes along with this switch, one that many of you may have already noticed: advertising.

Alohomora! remains as popular a show as ever, but with the advancements and changes to advertising over the last decade, we realized that we weren’t marketing our show the best way possible. Our live-read ads were a lot of fun but took a lot of effort and time and planning. With the switch to programmatic advertising we are now able to focus on other aspects of the process, from scheduling, researching, recording, releasing, and beyond, instead of focusing on where our ad dollars and budget are going to come from.

For episodes 0 to 299 (and all the recaps and bonus episodes that fall into that range), we have decided to let the platform auto-insert ads into the show as they see fit. We recognize that this may be a little overwhelming at first, but we hope that with time our faithful and dedicated listeners will get used to the occasional break in the show. For episodes 300 to present, and every episode in the future, we will be making a dedicated effort to ensure that the ads are placed in the proper spot in the show to cut down on interrupted sentences and broken thoughts.

If you truly, truly hate ads, then we have good news for you!

Our Patreon will remain a completely ad-free zone, so for just $2 per month, you can support your favorite podcast AND not have to listen to a single ad. Each Patron gets a dedicated RSS feed that they can plug into their favorite app or even download each episode directly. Additionally, when you become a Patron you get a TON of special bonus content released exclusively to our supporters. What a deal, eh?

As we mentioned, this is the first of many exciting changes to come for Alohomora! and we hope that you are as excited for the future as we are.