Chapter Revisit,  Deathly Hallows

Episode 328 – DH, Epilogue Revisit: Kreacher, Bring Me a Sandwich

It’s nineteen years later, and it’s time to wave off the next generation of Potters from King’s Cross. Join hosts Alison, Katy, Tracy, and guest host Lorrie Kim as they discuss all things “Epilogue” with a little Cursed Child sprinkled in.

On Episode 328 we discuss…

→ Has time changed our feelings on the “Epilogue?”
→ Is all really well?
Cursed Child – wants vs. reality
→ Do some people not deserve a “Nineteen Years Later?”
→ Did Cursed Child ruin everything? Alison says no.
→ Like father, like son – tea with Hagrid
→ Head canon – Weasley family back to school hangout
→ Ron and Hermione/Arthur and Molly Part 2?
→ Lorrie’s Harry Potter and To Kill a Mockingbird connection
→ Harry’s forgiveness = ALL the names
→ Katy compares lines from Harry Potter and Cursed Child
→ Is the book stronger for having the “Epilogue?”

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