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Episode 262: Folklore & Mythology – A Whole New World

We’re diving deep into what makes the wizarding world the wizarding world with a close look at folklore and mythology. From Greek tales to classic English creatures, hand knitted jumpers to feast foods, there’s so much that makes up the world we fell in love with. Join Michael, Rosie, and Alison, along with guest DisKid as they explore how a universe is created.

On Episode 262 we discuss…

→ What is mythology?
→ The real and magical worlds sitting side by side
→ Harry Potter as a Death myth
→ What do Rowling and Disney have in common?
→ The mythology of Fantastic Beasts
→ The story of the White Heart
→ “Merlin’s beard!” and more Wizard slang
→ The dangers of folklore
→ Let’s eat! The symbolism of food
→ Harry Potter and the Appropriation of Culture

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