Chapter Revisit,  Half-Blood Prince

Episode 263 – HBP, 17 Revisit: Rise Above Your Anguish

The students are back from the Christmas holidays and Harry already has an appointment scheduled with Dumbledore for the following day. In the memories he shows Harry, we learn the fate of Tom Riddle’s relatives and that Tom is looking for more information about something called a “horcrux.” Join hosts Alison and Katy, returning guest Irvin, and new guest Zoe as they dive into the pensieve to learn more about Voldemort’s past in Chapter 17 of Half-Blood Prince, “A Sluggish Memory.”

On Episode 263 we discuss…

→ Morfin Gaunt = malnourished Steve Buscemi?
→ Insensitive Ron is insensitive
→ Floo problems
→ Oh Harry, if only there was someone out there who believed you
→ Sassy Flitwick and Dumbledore are on point
→ When did Dumbledore start collecting memories?
→ Did Hagrid know that Voldemort was Tom Riddle?
→ Traceless Tom
→ “I shouldn’t have said that, should not have said that.”
→ Modifying your own memories vs. modifying others’
→ What if Harry had not retrieved the real memory?

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