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Episode 246 – Hogwarts Houses: A Little Bit Phlegmatic

Travel with us to Ancient Greece as we unpack ancient philosophies that may have inspired the personalities of the four Hogwarts founders. Wade through an ocean of character discussion as we discuss which characters fit their assigned houses, and which may not. And finally, side with us as we tackle the all-knowing Sorting Hat and ask whether or not it is fallible. Guest host Alexis joins Eric and Katy and special guest Lizzie (from SpeakBeasty!) as we talk all things Hogwarts Houses while representing all four Houses ourselves!

On Episode 246 we discuss…

→ We’ve got all four Houses here for a discussion on the four Houses!
→ The Four Temperaments or “Humors” that make up all of humanity
→ Katy’s Shoutout Maxima tackles nightmare fuel, Luna love and YouTube
→ What do the Sorting Hat songs say are each house’s key attributes?
→ Which students embody the stated attributes of each House / which do not?
→ Who does Pottermore say were Hatstalls, and what does that mean?
→ Would Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts Champion, ever be a Death Eater?
→ The benefits and pitfalls of Sorting too soon
→ Do Hogwarts Houses overlap with Ilvermorny ones, a la this chart?

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