Chapter Revisit,  Order of the Phoenix

Episode 379 – OOTP Chapter 14, Percy and Padfoot: Peeve’d

Cho, Fred, George and Sirius are all in this meaty chapter. Join hosts Asher, Bianca, Geoff and Kat as they discuss chapter 14 of Order of the Phoenix.

On Episode 379 we discuss…

→ Geoff is haunted by this song
→ Learn how the hosts like to read
→ “Oh Potter, you rotter:” the mixed tape
→ Ghosts are transparent
→ The never ending Thestral debate
→ Neville lost Trevor on purpose
→ Madam Hooch needs to do more
→ Why Cho is really a #girlboss
→ Percy stans
→ Hogwarts is a security nightmare
→ Hermione & Ron are hypocrites

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