Chapter Revisit,  Goblet of Fire

Episode 368 – GOF Chapter 9, The Dark Mark: Hogwarts Drag Race

This week’s episode goes to some fun and unexpected places. Join hosts Bianca, Geoff, Rex and guest Janeen as they discuss the curious case of the chapter nine of Goblet of Fire: The Dark Mark.

On Episode 368 we discuss…

→ Check out Sorting Hat Chats!
→ If you don’t have a friend in your group who is obsessed with Harry Potter, it’s probably you
→ No one knows what episode they are on
→ Rex’s feelings on Harry & Ron have not changed
→ Traumatic wizarding money
→ Macy’s balloons
→ Ludo Bagman’s moral compass
→ Fleur is one scary 1/4 bird
→ Arthur Weasley is the voice of reason
→ If Barty Crouch, Jr. would stop turning Draco into a ferret, they would have much to talk about
→ Bringing a knife to a wand fight
→ Bill’s spell slots are full and he can’t conjure a spell

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