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Episode 363 – Movie Soundtracks: Witches Fiddle

This episode is jam packed with extras! It includes an interview with Karen Jones who was a flutist for the Harry Potter films and a in depth discussion of all things music with hosts Alison, Grace and guests Josh and Evan. Join us as we discuss movie soundtracks.

On Episode 363 we discuss…

→ We’re shocked that spiders can’t speak
Harry in Winter is the hosts’ favorite
→ Though The Wizards’ Consort is a close second
→ Somehow wizards know about Star Wars
→ Everyone is plagiarizing Diggory
→ An abundance of notes
→ Musings from some sad, old, millennials
→ We’re dying for someone to choreograph a dance to The Weasley Stomp
→ No one likes Do the Hippogriff
→ John Williams awe

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