Chapter Revisit,  Philosopher's Stone

Episode 362 – PS/SS 13, Nicolas Flamel: Thestral Ballet

We have a lot to say about Thestrals in this discussion of Chapter 13 of Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone! Join hosts Alison, Rex, Sam and guest Melanie from the podcast Dialogue Alley as they discuss this rousing chapter.

On Episode 362 we discuss…

→ Madam Hooch uses her PTO
→ Spreadsheets at Hogwarts
→ What’s the point of a five minute game
→ No stakes in chess
→ Failed Polyjuice blood transfusions
→ Rex’s atomic number theory
→ Sam advocates murder to learn
→ Chocolate frog card Patronuses
→ More Quidditch than Flamel

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