Chamber of Secrets,  Chapter Revisit

Episode 348 – COS 12, Polyjuice Potion: Petty Justice

This episode has so much in it we can hardly contain ourselves. Join Alison, Kat, Sam, and special guest, Flick Miles, who played Hermione Granger’s body double and currently hosts the podcast, Behind the Wand, as they take a deep dive into chapter 12 of Chamber of Secrets.

On Episode 348 we discuss…

→ Go behind the scenes with Flick Miles from Behind the Wand
→ Kat loves Full Circle & AbsentMindedRaven
→ Let’s all play tag in the Chamber of Secrets
→ Weight in the Alison & Kat “fight:” Are Phoenix death’s chemical or decision?
→ Guess our colors!

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