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Episode 285 – Food: Why Would You Eat That?

Yes, a whole episode just about the food of Harry Potter. Hosts Beth, Irvin, and Katy with guest (and chef!) Danielle discuss the amazingly magical and absolutely disgusting food eaten at Hogwarts and in the wider Wizarding World.

On Episode 285 we discuss…

→ Deathly Hallows is book-ended by good food
→ Home is where the food is
→ We’ll never look at movie food the same way again
→ One minute feasts? Yes please!
→ Oh that’s why Hufflepuffs sleep near the kitchens!
→ Hermione is not the domestic type
→ Growing boys need a LOT of food!
→ Danielle explains British food for us Americans
→ Crazy American foods in comparison
→ Why is there no tea time at Hogwarts?

Be sure to look for an extra 30 minute bonus segment coming next weekend to our Patreon!

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