Chapter Revisit,  Half-Blood Prince

Episode 271 – HBP, 1 Revisit: Incontinent Gerbil

We get the ultimate recap in chapter 1 of Half-Blood Prince, “The Other Minister.” Hosts Beth, Katy, and Kat with special guest Noah explore the moments we’re reminded of as the Muggle Prime Minister remembers his previous encounters with the wizard that pops out of his fireplace.

On Episode 271 we discuss…
→ The other other other minister
→ What happens to Fudge?
→ A literal frog wearing a wig
→ Is the gerbil alive?
→ Wizarding condescension towards Muggles
→ Exhonorating the innocent
→ Fudge is an issue
→ Wizarding think tank
→ Jim the dementor returns
→ A Star Trek nerd-out break
→ Dementors could be marsupials
→ Telepathy isn’t real

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