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Episode 206 – Illness & Special Needs in the Wizarding World: The Non-Existent “Neurotypical” Norm

Magic can do many things, but when it comes to the illnesses and disabilities that have affected the Muggle world with their mysteries, even witches and wizards find that wands have limits. Join hosts Eric, Kristen, and Michael, along with guest Mary, as they discuss the complex relationship of illness and special needs in Rowling’s Wizarding World.

On Episode 206 we discuss…

→ Magic can’t fix everything
SpeakBeasty host, Ariel, has a question
How Anne Rowling shaped Harry Potter
→ What Ariana stands for
→ Lupin, HIV and metaphors for disability
→ Silvanus Kettleburn: The Black Knight
→ Disability in the darkness
→ The abuse of memory
→ Taking advantage of the disadvantaged

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Fiddling with the Fidelius Charm
→ Is there a secret hiding in the Order photo?
→ Giving Peter some slack