Cursed Child,  Topic Discussion

Episode 215 – Cursed Child as Canon: #BreakTheCurse

Wands at the ready! This episode of Alohomora! is a controversial one. Hosts Alison, Kat, Michael, and guest host Ana engage in an intense (but always friendly) debate over the canonicity of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Add your thoughts to the discussion and help us break the curse!

On Episode 215 we discuss…

→ The curse moves to NYC
→ Can canon be bias-free?
→ Rowling’s fingerprints
→ Entitlement or constructive criticism?
→ Canonizing Non-Canonicity
→ Choose Your Own 19 Years Later
→ “Let’s make a baby! I love you, Bellatrix!”
→ What we miss from the missing characters
→ What’s your canon?
→ Check out Rowling’s thoughts on Cursed Child!

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Harry, Riddle and moral grayness
→ Relevance and timelessness
→ Rowling’s responsibility
→ Reading Potter with the next generation