Chapter Revisit,  Deathly Hallows

Episode 231 – DH, 34 Revisit: We’re All Just Stardust

The time has come for Harry to die but his last moments are not wasted. From passing the torch, to reflecting over his years at Hogwarts, to being surrounded by the fallen he loves most, he does not face his final foe alone. Join hosts Beth, Katy, Michael and guest host Sherry, as they shed some tears over “The Forest Again,” Chapter 34 of Deathly Hallows.

On Episode 231 we discuss…

→ Harry Potter in braille
→ Short but beautiful
→ What more could Dumbledore do?
→ Expecto Patronum Maxima!
→ Deaths of innocents
→ “Harry and Ginny kiss, I guess.”
→ Harry becomes Dumbledore
→ Ron, the dude bro
→ What did the Resurrection Stone resurrect?
→ Harry, the Christ child
→ Dead and back again

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Snape and Sirius: More alike than you think
→ What if Snape had killed Lupin?
→ Are Fred and George just as bad?
→ Proof of Sirius’ Remorse
→ Lupin forgives Sirius. Why shouldn’t we?
→ Putting the dog back in the dog house
→ We want to meet Uncle Alphard STAT