Philosopher's Stone,  Read Through

Episode 1 – PS/SS, 1-3: Yertle the Turtle

Sorry for teasing you all for so long (No we’re not) but the first episode of our brand new podcast Alohomora! has finally been released! Head over to our podcast page to listen to the show directly, and we’re happy to announce that you can already download us from iTunes right now!

Some highlights of the show; we lay to rest one of the first murder victims of the series, speculate wildly about wandless magic and Parseltongue, and take a look at brand-new information from Pottermore concerning the Dursleys.

Thanks to Hope Forgey for being our first guest host from the fandom on the show! If you would like to join us for an episode check out our podcast page for the details.

Next episode we’ll be reading in depth chapters 4-6 of Philosopher’s Stone; it should be released in approximately two weeks.

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