Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Global Movie Watch & Live Show

We debated for some time as to how we should watch the Deathly Hallows films, and after much discussion, decided that the best strategy is to split the viewing into parts, just like the pictures themselves. We settled on this mostly for continuity and timing purposes, but deep down, let’s be honest – it’s to prolong the experience by even just one single episode.

Therefore, after 185 Chapters and 173 episodes, Alohomora! is preparing to host its seventh (and the most magical?) LIVE movie viewing and call-in show! While we are only partially through Deathly Hallows the novel, we can’t WAIT to watch & discuss Deathly Hallows – Part One with all of our amazing listeners.

Join us on USTREAM Saturday, January 23rd for this exciting event! We’ll begin the movie screening party at 10:00AM Eastern Time, in which you will be able to chat with some of the podcast hosts & fans from all around the world – all while watching the movie at the exact same time. Immediately following the movie, Alohomora! will be hosting a live podcast! During this time together, we’ll be chatting about the movie, analyzing the movie adaptation from the book, closing up some discussion points on the first half of Harry’s journey to destroy the Horcruxes, and of course, taking your calls! You can give us a ring at 206-GO-ALBUS (206-462-5287) or on Skype to AlohomoraMN.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need your own copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One in order to join us for the global movie screening.

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A big thank you Stephanie, aka YoRufusOnFire, for creating a DHP1 drinking game! We suggest coffee for the US West Coast, and a very late night Butterbeer for the Aussies 🙂