Alohomora! Playlists on Spotify!

As we quickly approach our 300th episode, we realize that new listeners may feel intimidated jumping into our show. “Should I start at the beginning? Should I start with the most recent episode and ignore what came before? How will I ever feel caught up?”

Well, wonder no longer! With the help of Spotify, we’ve been able to compile binge-worthy playlists that separate our episodes into more easily digestible chunks. Are you already in the midst of a Harry Potter re-read? Fantastic, just pick the playlist for the book you’re already reading and dive in. Are you more interested in deep-dive topic discussions instead of individual chapters? We’ve got you covered with our Character Discussions and Beyond the Novels playlists. Want to re-read the series in an entirely new way? Visit our Chapter Revisits playlist to read random chapters out of order with us! And, you won’t want to miss out on our Movie Watches or Specials.

You can listen to Spotify through your web browser, their desktop application, or your mobile device. It’s totally free and easy to use. If you’re already on Spotify, click on over to our profile, AlohomoraMN, to see all of our awesome playlists.

Let us know which playlist is your favorite!