Son of a Banshee! It’s Our Two-Year Anniversary!

Excuse our potty mouth, but we are in shock! When did it suddenly become our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY? Seems like the time has flown, but I guess that what happens when you’re having fun.

There have been so many amazing moments in the last year, from live shows, to very special guests, amazing announcements, and so much more. We share our favorite moments below – and want to hear yours! Please leave your favorite Alohomora! memory in the comments below. Here is to another two (plus a little more…) years!


Wow, I cannot believe we have been doing Alohomora! for two years! It seems like not long ago we were reflecting on our one-year mark. A huge thank you to all of our amazing listeners who make it all possible and worthwhile. Your incredibly insightful and interesting contributions to our show – either through comments, questions, or joining as a guest host – have enhanced my own Harry Potter experience.

Looking back on the past year brings a lot of nostalgia. It was wonderful joining LeakyCon in Portland for our first live show at the convention, but going to LeakyCon London was an even more unique experience. Getting to experience a weekend full of Harry Potter in England was absolutely magical, and we got to meet and chat with so many of our wonderful listeners. This was followed by a fantastic show in which we were joined by Rohan Gotobed (young Sirius Black) and Benedict Clarke (young Severus Snape). It was a great weekend in Harry’s homeland!


TWO YEARS? Really? That is actually hard to believe, even though it’s clearly true. It seems like just yesterday that Noah came to me with the idea to re-read the Harry Potter series with fans from around the world. It’s fun to look back on where we started; four hosts, bi-weekly, with a few loyal listeners, to now seven hosts, weekly, and over one million listeners! We have grown so much!

When I look back on the last year I think of many things, but mostly I think of all the laughter, the funny moments. I constantly feel very blessed and incredibly lucky to be a part of this show with six people that I consider my best friends, family even. There are few things in my life that mean more to me than those six people and it’s been a complete blast. I love how varied our opinions are, especially when it comes to things like how Hagrid came to be. Laughter is the spice of life, and we are one spicy show. Not in that way, of course. Except sometimes. In the bloopers.


So exciting to have Alohomora! reach the two year mark (and we’re not even halfway through the series yet!). As someone who was a part of the original “Potter Generation,” I’m thrilled to see that fans like myself are still eager to give this series so much of their time, their thoughts and their love.

There really is no one particular highlight for me on Alohomora!, as I consider myself lucky every single episode that I am on; I was even happy to simply be the voice of the the Chapter Titles when Prisoner of Azkaban kicked off! To be a part of this amazing show where I get to chat with fellow fans on an almost weekly basis, to analyzing the series with people who have made their mark on the phenomenon like Kazu Kibuishi (the illustrator of the 15th anniversary U.S. edition covers) and Bryn Court (lead sculptor on the Potter films), to working with this incredibly talented, thoughtful and diverse group of MuggleNet staff, the chance just to be a part of this inspired idea has been . . . for lack of a better word . . absolutely magical.