Question of the Week

Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 7

Regrettably, I was not on the last episode (my day off) but Rosie did an excellent job covering my special feature “Podcast Question of the Week.” Here it is!:

As we’ve just discussed, Chapter 15 has a strong focus on fate whilst Chapter 16 is really the opposite, all about action and preventing events from coming to pass.

So our question this week is about Harry. If Harry had listened to his teachers and trusted their skills in setting up tasks to prevent the theft of the stone, would Voldemort have been able to capture it? Was Voldemort destined to succeed? Was Harry destined to intervene, or was it Dumbledore’s interference – so unlike the centaurs – that inspired Harry to act and face Voldemort in Chapter 17?

Interesting question. Destiny or choice? Leave your answers in the comments below and we will read some of them on episode 8 of Alohomora!

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