Question of the Week

Podcast Question of the Week – Episode 65

Ron’s idle comment at the end of Chapter 27 got us thinking about a big “What If” that we’d like you to further examine . . .

At the conclusion of this chapter, Ron suggests that Percy’s recent admiration for Mr. Crouch would cause him to behave as Sirius believes Crouch, Sr. has done with his family, completely abandoning them for the sake of appearances and career opportunities. Hermione counters with the belief that Percy would never “throw any of his family to the Dementors,” but Ron seems doubtful. Not taking the events of Deathly Hallows into account, if he had the power to do so, would Percy really sacrifice members of his family to Azkaban? Would he even send them straight to the Dementors, if any of the Weasleys found themselves at the center of a scandal similar to the Crouches?

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