New Merchandise Alert!

We are SUPER excited to announce a whole new line of products! We’ve had a lot of demand for some unique merchandise, so we decided it was time to deliver! Along with our logo shirt, we now have FOUR gorgeous new “Host Shirts”, basically a shirt for each of the four main hosts. Featured on the shirt is a catch phrase or saying that is associated with that particular host, for example:

“Minerva is my Homegirl” – we ALL know how much Caleb adores McGonagall, so what better way to spread the love than this killer shirt? We are positive McG would crack a smile if she saw this design…and was in the right mood.

Or what about Rosie’s shirt: “HUG ME! I’m a Hufflepuff!”. We all know that Hufflepuffs, and of course our resident Brit, Rosie, are incredibly friendly, kind people, so what better shirt to represent them?! She is even giving away FREE HUGS! What’s better than that?

Let’s not forget about Kat’s shirt, and the one phrase that has been uttered on LITERALLY every single episode of Alohomora!, – “Obligatory Genius Moment” – which, of course, refers to Jo’s well, genius!

Lastly, our crazy, sentient being loving Noah has the perfect shirt for those of you that think that Mandrake’s deserve a union, that Sneakoscopes have ears, and of course, that a pig trapped inside of a desk clearly can hear, speak, and think. “Is it ALIVE?” is the question always coming out of Noah’s mouth.

The shirts were all designed by the Alohomora! team, and have truly amazing details. Check out the pattern on Kat’s shirt. Who doesn’t want to wear a genius’s initials all day long? Or a cat wearing glasses? I mean, come on. These shirts are great!

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Now through March 5th you can get $5 off of your $30 order– that’s getting the shipping for free! Head over to to check out everything we have for sale. More merchandise (including Desk!Pig, which is coming soon!) is being added all the time, so be sure to check back so you don’t miss out!