Chapter Revisit,  Prisoner of Azkaban

Episode 384 – POA Chapter 4, The Leaky Cauldron: Harry Potter and the Accumulation of Calories

Chapter 4 of Prisoner of Azkaban is a great character study of our favorite characters. Ron gets a new wand, Harry gets some alone time, and Hermione gets Crookshanks. Join hosts Alison, Geoff, Tracy and guest Maddie as they discuss all things from the Leaky Cauldron. Plus there’s ice cream!

On Episode 384 we discuss…

→ The cheeky mirror
→ No working papers or labor laws
→ Lower level homework
→ Harry and his fear of the unknown
→ Ron & Hermione’s plot point birthdays
→ “Bang on the counter” doesn’t mean what you think it means
→ The trio starts to pair off
→ Team Molly or Team Arthur
→ It got better, then it didn’t – series mantra
→ #justice for Binky

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