Chamber of Secrets,  Chapter Revisit

Episode 221 – CoS, 17 Revisit: This Chapter’s Weird

There are more secrets beneath the school than giant killer snakes and hat tricks. Anyone know Parseltongue? It might help Alison, Lauri, Michael and guest host Olivia (long-time listener, SpinnersEnd) with navigating one of the strangest encounters of the series, “The Heir of Slytherin,” Chapter 17 of Chamber of Secrets.

On Episode 221 we discuss…

→ At least it’s the best video game?
→ “Can we talk about plumbing for a minute?”
→ Timing Riddle’s monologue
→ Jurassic Chamber
→ Fawkes’s big secret
→ Two Voldemorts
→ Tom Romeo Elvis Riddle
→ The Hogwarts cold case files
→ Ginny opens the Dumbledore
→ Lockhart will not hijack this chapter
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On this recap we discuss…

→ Harry’s control over his fantasy

DEPRESSION/SUICIDE TRIGGER WARNING: Skip to the 28:28 mark to avoid this conversation

→ Horcruxes as recovery stages
→ Devolving into chaos
→ Is Dumbledore the therapist or the patient?
→ The theory’s true value
→ McGonagall the therapy cat