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Episode 220 – Is Harry Imagining Everything? But, He Bounced!

Of course this is happening inside your head, Harry! Join hosts Eric and Kat with special guests Haley and Bella as they discuss the AU theory that Harry is imagining his entire experience in the wizarding world. This isn’t the Harry Potter series you’ve read before.

On Episode 220 we discuss…

→ Does this theory affect the re-readability of the series?
→ Other examples of dream theory in pop culture
→ Fight or Flight?
→ Is Snape fully redeemable in this theory?

DEPRESSION/SUICIDE TRIGGER WARNING: Skip to around 47:00 mark to avoid this conversation

→ Where do the other characters fit into this theory?
→ Dumbledore sees socks: it all makes sense now!
→ Harry is his own worst enemy
→ Plots holes served their purpose
JK Rowling & Steve Kloves discuss the theory

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→ Whose Vault Is This Anyway?
→ Do families really share their wealth?
→ Why is Harry rich?
→ Hagrid the half-giant can apparate?
→ PQOTW Responses