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Episode 209 – Horcruxes: Voldy-Bits

It’s time to examine one of Wizarding World’s darkest and most mysterious concepts. We’ve graduated from splitting hairs to splitting souls. Grab your copy of Magick Moste Evile and join Alison, Eric, Michael and returning special guest, Grace, as they go deep into the heart – or rather, the soul – of Horcruxes.

On Episode 209 we discuss…

→ Making a Horcrux: How Do You Even?
→ Horcrux pies and chocolate bars
→ Body and soul
→ The first kill
→ The Seven Horcrux Sins
→ Hot-Demort
→ Did Grindelwald make a Horcrux?
→ Rowling’s least favorite Horcrux question

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Peter and the Hat
→ “Heads or tails?”
→ Sorting Families
→ Houses through the years