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Episode 208 – Sorting: Whatever, Hat

Good news! Our website is back (hooray!) and so, let’s celebrate with a feast of Hogwarts Welcome Feast proportions! And speaking of the Hogwarts Welcome Feast, it’s time to have a sit on that three legged stool and give ourselves to the safe hands (though it has none) of the Sorting Hat! Join hosts Kat, Michael, and Alison along with guest host MuggleNet staffer Beth Warsaw, as they riddle their way through the tricky business that is the Hogwarts Sorting system.

On Episode 208 we discuss…

→ Why is Hogwarts still Sorting?
→ The Hat is always right…or it thinks it is
→ Hat Stall: I do not think that means what you think it means
→ Should families really end up in the same House?
→ Controversial Sortings
→ Lockhart: is he really blue and bronze?
→ Let’s speculate on some Houses!

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On this recap we discuss…

→ Dumbledore did what was right, not easy
→ How could Dumbledore’s sexuality have been included in the books?
→ A balancing of House traits